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Friday, August 21
Ministry of Internal Affairs publishes crime statistics

The Ministry of Internal Affairs published crime statistics for July and January-July period, 2015. The mentioned statistics are comprised of the data provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs as well as information collected from all investigative agencies throughout the country, which conduct investigation of the criminal cases according to their jurisdiction, in particular: Ministry of Internal Affairs, General Prosecutor’s Office, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Corrections.

All investigative agencies throughout Georgia July, 2015

In June of 2015, 3302 crime cases have been registered out of which 1378 cases were solved. Case-solving index is 41.73%. In comparison with the results of the same period of the last year, the number of crime decreased by -3.62%.

In accordance with the investigation jurisdiction of MIA territorial units June 2015

In June 2015, 2111 crime cases were registered by MIA territorial units according to their investigation jurisdiction, out of which 1199 cases were solved; case-solving index in 56.8%. In comparison with the results of the same period of the previous year the number of crime increased by -8.1%.

January-July 2015

All investigative agencies throughout the country

In the period between January-July 2015 all the investigative agencies throughout Georgia registered 20438 crimes, 20438 cases are solved. The index of the solved cases is 56.3%. It should be noted, that criminal cases decreased by -4.32% in comparison with the same period of the previous year.

According to investigation jurisdiction of MIA territorial units

January-July, 2015

In the period between January-June 2015 MIA territorial units registered 14339 criminal cases according to their investigation jurisdictions, 9536 cases had been solved. The index of the solved cases comprises up to 66.5%. It should be noted, that criminal cases decreased by -4.81% in comparison with the same period in previous year. (

Minister of Internal Affairs held meeting with Export Control and Related Border Security (EXBS) program representatives

The Minister of Internal Affairs held an official meeting with EXBS Maritime Advisor Michael Garvey and the Program Advisor-Monika Dorado.

During the meeting, the parties underlined the importance of cooperation with the US in the border-related field and discussed various US supported projects; also special emphasis was placed on the operating capabilities of Supsa Joint Maritime Operations Centre (JMOC), which is an important mechanism for facilitating interagency cooperation.

The meeting also covered issues related to the training and professional development programs, within the frames of which dozens of MIA employees undergo trainings each year in Georgia and in the United States.

The Minister expressed gratitude towards the guests for their support and readiness to further deepen the existing fruitful cooperation. (

Four detained after clashes in Kobuleti, Adjara

Four people have been detained in the aftermath of clashes that occurred between Georgians and Azerbaijanis in Kobuleti, Adjara. As the Interior Ministry has informed InterPressNews, those detained have been released on bail.

Charges of attempted murder and hooliganism were filed against the detainees. As the Ministry reports, one person slightly wounded another during the altercation.

Georgians and Azerbaijanis quarreled in Kobuleti, as reported.

All of them are citizens of Georgia. (

Three prisoners on hunger strike for the twentieth day in Kutaisi prison

Three prisoners have been on hunger strike for the twentieth day in Kutaisi prison according to the inmates' family members.

George Sanikidze, David Zoidze and Ramin Malakmadze are demanding to sign the plea agreement.

The lawyer said that his clients were arrested last May on the charges of violation of public order. Later, they were sentenced to four years in prison for subsequently resisting police.

The inmates' family members insist that the prisoners are innocent and are being physically abused .

Another young man was involved in the case who was later acquitted by the Court justified. However, he later committed suicide. According to his father, the reason of the suicide were systematic threats of police against him. (

New fruit processing factory opens in Georgia

A new fruit processing factory opened in Georgia that will benefit the country’s agriculture sector, support the economy, employ the local population and increase the country’s export capacity.

With state co-financing, Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking opened its second fruit processing factory in Keda village in Georgia’s western Adjara region.

The new Agro Kedi factory will process fruit but will also produce fruit porridge, jams and sauces. The products will be sold in local markets and exported abroad.

Georgia’s Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili officially opened the fruit processing enterprise today.

"Our farmers and the local population are now given the possibility to pass on their fruit to this factory. In the past they used to throw away their harvest because farmers were not able to pass their fruit elsewhere,” said Garibashvili.

"For the Government it is very important to be involved in such projects. Last year we allocated $400,000 USD and half a million preferential agricultural credit [to boost the country’s agricultural sector]. We are glad to see this result,” he said.

Within the preferential agricultural credit program and state program Produce in Georgia, the country has already financed 135 factories. Garibashvili said last year 30,000 jobs were created, of which 90 percent was in the agricultural sector. (

Georgian couple declared wanted in Greece on murder and robbery charges

Greek law enforcers are searching for a Georgian couple in connection with a robbery-homicide case; the crime took place on one of the Greek islands. As reported, their 7 accomplices have already been detained.

Apparently, a 67-year-old man died while being tortured. After the robbers left, a woman managed to call the police. Arriving officers managed to detain seven Georgians that night, but two criminals managed to depart for Athens from the island with the 40,000 EUR they had stolen.

Rustavi 2 TV has released this information based on Greek media reports. (

Large cocaine bust indicates new drugs transit route: Interior Ministry

On Wednesday, police seized more than 5kg of cocaine at Tbilisi International Airport and detained four people. The large drugs bust indicates a new transit route, the Ministry of Internal Affairs says.

The detainees are two citizens of Brazil born in 1979 and 1981, a citizen of Ecuador born in 1980 and a citizen of South Africa born in 1957.

An investigation has been launched for illegal import and possession of a particularly large amount of drugs.

Over the last month, employees of the central criminal police department have detained five other foreigners who brought in more than 12kg of cocaine. (