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Labor Inspection Service carries out examination in medical institutions

By Tea Mariamidze
Friday, August 21
The Labour Inspection Service has examined 31 private and public medical companies and has found several violations. In some institutions there is an absence of labour norms, which are necessary for normal working conditions. The information was released by the Head of Labor Inspection Service of the Ministry of Health, Elza Jgerenaia, at a press conference on August 20.

Jgerenaia introduced 25 labor Inspection monitors to the public who are responsible to protect labor norms and health of the citizens. The main violations they found at medical institutions were as follows: a lack of protective equipment, a lack of documentation, lack of working conditions, an absence of evacuation plans etc.

“The Labor Inspection Service will give recommendations to the institutions, which will be of great importance for the employers and employees as well,” Jgerenaia stated.

According to the Head of Labor Inspection, the department has planned to examine nearly 150 private and state institutions who have expressed wish to cooperate with the Ministry of health and Inspection Service.

“Our purpose is to reveal deficiencies in medical organizations and raise labour conditions to European standards,” said Beka Peradze, an inspection monitor.

The Labour Inspection Service was established on July 13, 2015 and since then 31 medical institutions have been examined voluntarily. The inspection process is still in progress and it aims to raise labour norms closer to international standards.

The directors of already-examined institutions were given certain recommendations and they will have several months to gradually eliminate all existing deficiencies.

From January 1, 2016, inspections for medical companies will be mandatory and in case of violations, penalties will be imposed.