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Police detains employees of City Park for illegally restricting freedom to sleeping minor

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, August 25
Patrol Police detained three employees of City Park, a company responsible for parking arrangements in Tbilisi, for illegally restricting freedom to a minor, who was a citizen of France, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced yesterday.

According to the ministry Operative Response Center 112, a report was received according to which employees of City Park evacuated a Toyota car from the Eliava open market to the parking lot assigned for vehicles which violated parking rules.

It was also reported that the vehicle was evacuated supposedly with a child still in it.

“Patrol officers arrived at the parking lot as soon as the report was received, where they found out that in the moment of evacuation the citizen of France - Lika S. (DoB 2004) was sleeping in the vehicle.

“The minor was handed over to her parents safely,” police said.

An investigation is in progress on the charge of illegally restricting freedom to a minor.

However, the detained people have not been charged yet.

The City Park Administration has stated its concern over the incident. However, they stressed that there was no obvious sign that the child was inside the car.

“The windows were darkened and we have no right to open a property…the child did not give any signal that she was there,” the company said and noted that there were no hints that the company representatives aimed to abduct or deprive the child of freedom.

“When our employees understood that the child was inside the car they immediately phoned 112,” the company stated.