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Women Can, Women Act, Women Change

By Salome Modebadze
Tuesday, August 25
Training for rural leader women of Womenís Information Centerís new project Informed Society and Gender-based Democracy in Election Process was held at the Rcheuli Marani Hotel in Telavi on August 16-19. Project participants are leader women from Shida Kartliís four target municipalities selected through the meetings held on July 10, 14, 21 and 23 in Khidistavi village of Gori Muniicpality, Metekhi village of Kaspi Municipality, Ruisi village of Kareli Municipality and Osiauri village of Khashuri Municipality.

During the four training days, the project participants familiarized themselves with the election strategy of the Central Election Administration. They found out more about gender issues and gender equality and discussed gender stereotypes, gender roles, gender aspects of labour and womenís political participation. After the practical session about the ways for successful communication and public speech the women shared information with one another about the needs of their communities at the model panel discussion. On the next stage of the project they will have opportunity to discuss these problems with the political parties participating in the upcoming parliamentary elections in 2016.

Head of Womenís Information Center (WIC) Elene Rusetskaia said the 19 active women representing Shida Kartli have proved the reality of the organizationís new slogan Women Can, Women Act, Women Change!

ďThese four days have revealed that our participants are real leader women representing in their communities and I deeply believe that they can act, they will change the reality around them and they will succeed,Ē Womenís Information Centerís Project Manager Elene Beriashvili said while summarizing the training.

Maia Laliashvili from the Khidistavi village said this training has become a very solid foundation and she will continue building the walls when she returns to her community. While according to Nana Metivishvili, she would do her best to support and encourage other women facing problems in her community, including domestic violence. Encouraging everyone to stand next to their families, friends and neighbours she emphasized the importance of solidarity among women. As trainer Maia Kuprava said, these women can change their reality in their communities, regions and the country. Moreover, many of them could be effective team members for political parties if they ever decide to join politics.

The project Information Centreís new project called Informed Society and Gender-based Democracy in the Election Process is being carried out with the support of Central Election Commission's LEPL Center of Electoral Systems Development, Reforms and Trainings and aims at raising awareness of rural women and girls in their political and civil rights and their engagement in election process in Shida Kartli region for the upcoming 2016 parliamentary elections.