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Nature disaster causes 891, 000 GEL worth of damage in Kakheti region

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, August 25
A Nature disaster caused more than 891, 000 GEL damage in the Kakheti region.

Strong wind, heavy rain and a hail storm, which took place on August 20, damaged vehicles and roofs in the Kvareli district, as well as basements which were flooded in the Lagodekhi district. A landslide also blocked a road in Akhmeta. The natural disaster also destroyed much of the latest grape harvest.

The circumstances of about 550 families has already been described. Affected residents of the Kakheti region request help and accuse the government in inactivity.

The Deputy Governor of the Kakheti region, Otar Gujashvili, stated that every single person will receive support from the government.

“The government will support any and all affected residents of the region. No matter whether their property insured or not, we will support them all.

“We will fix the houses as soon as possible; in addition, every single affected person who has more than 5 hectares of land will receive chemicals to save at least the part of damaged harvest. We will also send requests to the banks so that they can postpone any debts of the affected,” stated Gujashvili.