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Friday, August 28
Autumn recruitment process has started

The Autumn call-up for 2015, according to the order issued by the Government on July 30 will continue until December 31. The Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure will coordinate the recruiting process.

During the period, a total of 3 348 recruits will be recruited. The law prescribes that, the citizen from 18 to 27, not having the right of exemption or postponement from conscription, are subject to drafting into the compulsory military service. Recruits, after receiving of the call-up document, in a specified period of time must be come at the call-up commissions’ offices. (

MIA rescuers and fire fighters have been conducting rescue operations in Poti and Batumi all night long

The officers of the Adjara regional division of Emergency Situations Management Agency and Patrol Police have been pumping water out from the flooded houses and streets of Batumi and held clean-up activities.

Additional rescue units have been mobilized in Batumi which arrived from Tbilisi, Zugdidi and Kutaisi. Heavy rain also flooded streets and houses in Poti. Special activities were held in Poti as well to pump out water. In the mentioned rescue activities, 105 rescuers and firefighters have been involved.

Clean-up and water pumping activities are held at the moment in Batumi and Poti. (

5 kg of cocaine and 15 kg of marijuana seized by Georgian police

Together with their colleagues from the Customs Department, officers of Georgia’s Central Criminal Police Department have arrested three individuals – Brazilian citizens Luisa Dos S. (DoB 1985) and Karine E. (DoB 1980) and a South African citizen Odette V. (DoB 1985) – for attempting to smuggle a large amount of drugs in Georgia.

The culprits were detained at Tbilisi International Airport. Police seized 4kg and 794,68g of cocaine from Luisa Dos S. and Karine E., which was wrapped in 10 packages. A search of luggage belonging to Odette V. yielded 14kg and 835g of marijuana. The detainees have already pleaded guilty.

Investigation into this instance of smuggling a large amount of drugs into the country is in progress. (

6 555 high school students receive state financing in Georgia

According to the Head of the Assessment and Examination Centre, Maia Miminoshvili, 6 555 high school students out of 28 055 have received the state financing following the 2015 national exams.

As Miminoshvili said at yesterday’s briefing, 3 700 university entrants will receive a full state financing of their studies at different faculties. According to Miminoshvili, in total, 10 000 high school students will study at the expense of the state. Today, the Head of the Assessment and Examination Centre has also named the most in-demand Universities. As Miminoshvili informs, 64 Universities have announced vacancies for the national exams, while Tbilisi State University, Agrarian University, Georgia’s Free University and Ilia State University are the most in-demand Universities out of them. (

Government begins working on Law on Regional Development

The Georgian government begins working on Law on Regional Development. The preliminary version of the draft-bill was discussed at Regional Development and Local Self-Governance Reform Commission.

The sitting of commission headed by Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili was held at Governmental Administration.

The commission members also discussed the issue of compensation to locals of Kakheti region who became victims of recent natural disaster, hailstorm and flooding. (

Dry weather is in the forecast from August 29

Dry weather is in the forecast for Georgia from August 29 to September 4.

According to the Monitoring and Forecast center, today is the coldest and rainiest day of this summer, but starting tomorrow, the intensity of rainfall will weaken across the country.

The weather will brighten up on August 29. Air temperatures will gradually increase, reaching 34 degrees in both western and eastern Georgia.

Dry weather is expected to last till September 4. (

Heavy rain inflicts damage to Chaladidi

Heavy rain inflicted damage to Chaladidi village, Khobi district of Samegrelo region. Houses of locals are flooded and household items are destroyed.

Locals say that poultry is killed and crops are destroyed as well. They are asking for help. Local authorities claim that the inflicted damage will be calculated by a special commission. (

Two Georgians detained on disputed South Ossetia border

Russian border guards on Tuesday detained two Georgian citizens who were out attending cattle in Bershueti, which borders with the breakaway region South Ossetia.

The detainees are Muraz Javakhishvili (75) and Ivane Sekhniashvili (41).

According to their relatives, the two were on Georgia-controlled territory, and did not cross the disputed border.

“Such cases happen once a week in our region. All government bodies that may be concerned are involved in this process in order to help release detainees as soon as possible,” the head of Gori municipality Davit Oniashvili told television station Imedi. (