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Former Interior Minister allegedly accidentally killed his nephew then attempted suicide

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Monday, August 31
Georgia’s Former Deputy Interior Minister under the United National Movement (UNM) government Levan Gvazava is fighting for his life after the discharge of a weapon in his relative's car resulted in the death of his nephew.

According to Georgia’s Chief Prosecutor’s Office, Gvazava was with his three relatives in the Pantiani village, eastern Georgia, where he celebrated St Mary’s day.

On the way back he was sitting on a back chair with his relative Guram Tateladze while Kalomletsavi and one other occupied front seats.

On the Tbilisi –Kojori highway for some reason Gvazava produced a pistol, the Prosecutor’s Office said.

“After some time the weapon was fired and claimed Kalomletsavi’s life. When Gvazava realied what had happened, he tried to commit suicide,” the Prosecutor’s Office said.

According to doctors, Gvazava’s condition is critical.

The Gvazava family lawyer refrained from making a comment as the investigation was ongoing over the issue.

Meanwhile, several news agencies have stated that according to the family it was an accidental discharge.

Interpressnews reads that based on one of the relatives' accounts, the weapon disturbed Gvazava when sitting and wanted to remove. In the course of handling the weapon, it discharged and killed Kalomletsavi who sat in front of Gvazava.

The law-enforcement bodies have already excluded the version of any attack on Gvanza as it was initially reported by some media outlets.

The deceased Kalomletsavi was a police officer.

Gvazava held the post of Deputy Interior Minister until 2008. Currently he is charged in connection of Buta Robakidze notorious murder case that took place under the previous government.