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Head of Israel-Georgia Business Chamber advices Gov’t to work with own ambassadors

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, September 3
Itzik Moshe, the President of the Israel-Georgia Business Chamber, has addressed the Georgian government to work with its own ambassadors at first and then with ambassadors of other states when it comes to economic ties.

Itzik Moshe believes that "the key for rescuing the Georgian economy lies in the hands of ambassadors".

He states that the attraction of foreign investments is necessary to solve economic problems in time and maintain the stability of the national currency.

“Thus, it is important to actively work with businessmen and convince them that all conditions for doing business in Georgia are accounted for. Diplomatic missions can play an important role in this process, because I believe that they can carry out this campaign most successfully.

“In this regard, I appeal to the Georgian government to work with its own ambassadors first and with ambassadors of other states second,” he said.

According to him, Georgian Ambassadors must be commissioned to attract at least one investor per month.

He also proposed changes in the format of functioning of trade chambers in Georgia. “In particular, they must be authorized to hold business forums twice in a year - in Georgia and in their own countries, in order to attract investments,” he said.

Georgia’s recently-appointed Minister of Economics, Dimitri Kumsishvili, has already asked the ambassadors to support the Government in attracting direct foreign investments.

He made the statement prior to ambassadorial that is ongoing in Tbilisi.

“The ambassadorial is an opportunity when we familiarize out ambassadors with the country’s economic policy and the course,” Kumsishvili said.

Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili stated at the ambassadorial that Georgia has a huge role in the region as a transit country that should be successfully used.

The PM touched upon Georgian-Chinese increasing cooperation and the importance of the Silk-Road forum planned in Tbilisi in October.

Georgia’s Ambassador to EU Natali Sabanadze has hoped that economic diplomacy would be more promoted by the current Georgian leadership.