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Georgian Ambassadors discuss visa liberation prospects

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Thursday, September 3
The Problem of migration in Europe may affect the progress of Georgia's visa liberalization process, said the Georgia representative to the European Union (EU) Natali Sabanadze

According to Sabanadze, there exists a concrete realistic plan over visa liberalization and by the end of this year the progress made by Georgia must be evaluated.

ďIf this evaluation is positive, we expect that the European Commission will make a positive decision about visa-free travel for Georgia from 2016. Besides, we must take into account that the context is very complex. I mean the migration crisis that created challenges for the EU. Given all this, it is very difficult to make a decision. Thatís why there might be some factors that are not dependent on us and that may have negative impact. Howver, though this fact, I remain optimistic," stated Sabanadze

However, the Ambassador of Georgia in the Federal Republic of Germany Lado Tchanturia stated that the problem of migration in the EU will not prevent the granting of visa liberalization.

He said that the issue will not interfere the process.

"However, the number of refugees in the EU countries reached a critical mass and it is a fact," stated Tchanturia.