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Part of central motorway damaged by June 13 flood to open for September 15

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, September 3
Georgia’s capital Tbilisi and its authorities are trying to assess the fatal outcomes of the June 13 disastrous flood in central Tbilisi that claimed 19 lives, devastated Tbilisi Zoo and its infrastructure. Several people are still missing.

Tbilisi Mayor Davit Narmania has stated that part of the central motorway connecting Vake and Saburtalo districts will be open for September 15.

“Based on the plan agreed with a contractor company the motorway taking route from Tamarashvili street and then connecting Vake and Saburtalo central streets is scheduled to open on September 15,” Narmania said.

“One section of the motorway connecting Tamarashvili street with Heroes’ Square will also open that time,” Narmania said, noting that intensive works were ongoing on the second section of the motorway that was supposed to be completed till the end of the month,” Narmania added.

The Tbilisi Mayor stressed that constructive-renovation works were ongoing day and night.

The damage Tbilisi experienced through the unprecedented flooding exceeded 100 million GEL.

Along with the infrastructural works the local government tries to solve the housing problems for those hundreds of residents whose accommodations were damaged or destructed in the course of the flood that was caused by a landslide in a village Akhaldaba, nine kilometers from Tbilisi.

Flood affected locals have revealed their positions and demanded the recovery from the government.

The landslide caused a buildup of water from the Vere River, which then burst with full, disastrous speed.