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Georgia’s Embassy to Turkey calls on Georgian citizens to be careful

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Friday, September 11
The Embassy of Georgia to Turkey has released an address to Georgian citizens living in Turkey, calling on them to be careful.

The statement has been released at the Ministry’s official website following terrorist acts in Turkey.

“Due to the recent developments in Turkey, the Georgian Embassy calls on citizens of Georgia to be careful and call +905336903040 in case of need.

“We call on Georgian citizens to take security warnings spread by Turkey’s corresponding services into consideration,” the statement reads.

There have been tensions between the Kurds and Turkish army for several months now.

On Tuesday, the Turkish Army entered Iraq to fight against the Kurds. Before entering Iraq, the army conducted air attacks on the positions of Kurdish Labor Party. At the same time, Turkish nationalists held numerous protests throughout the country.

Across Turkey, people -- in car or on foot – have been pouring into the streets for the last three nights in protest of Daglica and other terrorist attacks, as they carry Turkish flags in support of security forces and chant slogans condemning terrorism, reads.

Since July's Suruc bombing, more than 90 members of the security forces have been martyred in the violence while land-and-air operations in Turkey and northern Iraq have killed nearly a thousand terrorists.

According to a Turkish General Staff statement released early Monday, only 13 terrorist targets were bombed by two F-16 and two F-14 aircraft in an operation launched after the attack.