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Energy Minister says country has increasing electricity problems

By Tea Mariamidze
Monday, September 14
Georgia’s Energy Minister, Kakhi Kaladze, states that the country has increasing electricity problems that might only be settled one way.

“We have very serious electricity deficit that is gradually increasing,” Kaladze said.

According to him, new hydropower plant projects are necessary to eliminate the deficit.

“We are trying to do everything to resolve all the problems the country faces. We have a very serious electricity deficit which increases every year.

“On one hand, it is good that more and more electricity is consumed, but it is painful in terms of energy. Therefore, all the projects pertaining to small, average or large HPPs need to be carried out.

“This way we would no longer depend on our neighbouring countries. Moreover, I believe that Georgia will become an energy exporter in the future,” Kakha Kaladze said.

A couple of days ago Georgia faced an increased in the electricity tariff.

After the increase in electricity last month, residents in the capital city Tbilisi will also see their electricity bills increase.

Households in Tbilisi will have to pay 3.5-4.5 tetri more per kWh depending on how much of electricity they consume per month.

The Georgian Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission approved tariff hike for Telasi at a session on September 3.

Georgian Green movements are against of building big HPPs in Georgia. They stress that such constructions will damage the country’ nature.

The current Government, before came to power, stated that they would not have continued the path of the previous government in constructing the big HPPs.