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Georgiaís Chief Prosecutorís Office returns thousands of dollars property to former owners

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, September 15
The Chief Prosecutorís Office has just opened a case in which four high-ranking officials of the Interior Ministry were illegally depriving convictsí families of their luxurious property. All the illegal cases took place before 2012, before the current Georgian Government took office.

In particular, former head of the Gldani-Nadzaladevi district Police Department Jaba Maghlaperidze is facing a charge for forcing a convict Iakob Nadiradzeís family to buy a Toyota car worth of $57,100 USD.

The official refused to accept a plea bargain for the individual charged of illegal keeping and purchase of drugs, without the price, Georgiaís Chief Prosecutorís Office said.

The second case concerned formed head of central Vake-Saburtalo district, without providing a name, who in October 2011 forced a convict, Avtanmdil Mikadze, to concede his own BMW car worth of $ 12,000 USD for the pleas bargain.

The man was also accused of illegal possessing and purchasing drugs.

The following case was related to the Eastern mountainous Kazgebi region, where an investigator of Kazbegi Municipality Police Office Vazha Gelahsvili forced Zaza Partladze, who was not charged in any offense, to concede his own 1,000 square meter land in mountainous Gudauri resort.

The office refused to identify the fourth ex-official with the motivation that he was acting in agreement with former head of Georgiaís Constitutional Security Department (CSD) Data Akhalaia, who is wanted by Georgiaís law-enforcement bodies.

The Office stated that he forced a convict Teimuraz Gavashelishvili, who was accused of less-heavy crime, to hand him two cars worth of $35,000 USD and 48 jewelry items.

All the individuals had their properties returned to them. The Prosecutorís Office has stated that all the former officials were collaborating with the investigation and the pre-trial detention has not been used against them.