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Defence Minister says Georgians would die as heroes if the world leaves them alone against Russia

By Messenger Staff
Monday, September 21
Georgia’s Defence Minister Tinatin Khidasheli told BBC Hardwalk show that Georgians will die as heroes if there was no option and no international support for Georgia against Russia.

Answering a question as to whether it is possible that a conflict in the vain of the 2008 war could break out, Khidasheli replied by saying: “It will not happen today nor tomorrow, but if the world shows weakness with regards to Georgia as it did in Ukraine, if the world fails to ensure our freedom, if NATO says that freedom no longer matters, then it may happen, of course”.

According to her, if it happens before Georgia joins NATO, “we will die as heroes and this is all that we can do”.

Tina Khidasheli also talked about the kidnapping of people at the so-called South Ossetian administrative border. According to her, almost everyday people are kidnapped by Russian soldiers.

If one looks back to the Russia-Georgian war of 2008 it is clear that we have already been on the verge of annihilation.

Of course, mistakes were made by the previous Georgian government. One of the mistakes was that many of those who were sent to fight on the Georgian occupied region of South Ossetia were not well-trained that resulted in a large number of casualties for Georgia.

It has been voiced as well from those who survived the war that in many cases commanders were inadequate while giving orders and leaders looked frightened, when those with inferior training and ordinary soldiers were sacrificing their lives for the homeland.

It is obvious that Russia had no right to get involved in the confrontation, as it was an internal conflict between a country and its breakaway region. However, we should learn from that war.

We should examine the need for Defence Ministry reforms, as well as those within our Armed Forces. We should also continue to procure new and advanced weapons systems.

It is naturally very difficult to win an armed conflict against Russia, which is one of the most influential countries in the world. However, we can be better prepared for anyfuture confrontations.

We should think before we make certain steps that might lead to military and civilian casualties;

thinking before acting should be a natural combination.

The final reason of any country that fought against occupants is to survive. Our ancestors fought for the survival of future generations.

However, there were no nuclear weapons of mass destruction at that time.

Currently there are thousands of means to annihilate a state in a minute, especially such a small country as Georgia.

That is why even big most influential countries avoid fighting and refrain from confronting Russia.

If any country supports Georgia and opposes Russia it might become a reason of strife between them.

It is also obvious that NATO or EU will not get involved in such confrontations, the Ukrainian example confirmed this.

There might be only one outcome. The most influential countries of the world should unite to deter Russian aggression and the lever used in the process should be stronger than the current economic sanctions. Otherwise, Russia will successfully continue its occupations which will eventually hit those now refraining from irritating Russia.