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Georgian Peacekeepers’ Letters to Little Friends

Friday, September 25
The 21st of September is World Peace International Day. Related to this date, Georgian peacekeepers met with their little friends of Tbilisi N133rd Public School. Within the project “Letters to Soldiers”, the military of the 43rd Battalion of IV Mechanized Brigade carrying out the “Resolute Support” mission in the Parwan province, Afghanistan sent answers to the VI grade pupils of the 133rd Public School.

The officers of Land Forces Command of the Georgian Armed Forces handed over the letters to the children and gifted the state flag of Georgia hosted in front of the operational command of the 43rd Battalion on the Bagram Air Base in Parwan Province, Afghanistan. The officers showed the pupils the video that depicts how the Georgian soldiers are providing peace and security to Afghan children.

The children met the Georgian military with the Georgian folk military song and offered them video that portrays children’s inspiration why they decided to write letters to the soldiers carrying out the mission in Afghanistan. At the end of the meeting, the children played the performance for the Georgian officers.

The pupils of the 133rd Public School sent letters to the Georgian soldiers in Afghanistan in June. “Letter to Soldiers” is a joint project of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Education and Science, which is implemented by the students with the support of the Crime Prevention Centre since 2012. Under the project, children of the public schools from Tbilisi and Georgia write letters to Georgian soldiers deployed in Afghanistan. In response, soldiers are replying to school children. The goal of the project is to support Georgian servicemen serving far away from their homeland.