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Friday, September 25
James Appathurai expresses his condolences to the family of the soldier who died in Afghanistan

The NATO Secretary General’s Special Representative published a statement on his facebook page and expressed his condolences to the family of the Georgian soldier who died in Afghanistan.

"On behalf of NATO, let me offer my condolences to the loved ones of the young Private First Class who lost his life in Afghanistan, serving in the NATO-led mission there. I would also offer best wishes for a speedy recovery to the other serviceman who was injured. As the Secretary General said during his recent visit to Georgia, NATO is deeply grateful for the contribution Georgia has made to meeting our shared goals in Afghanistan, and we honour those who have lost their lives in this operation," reads the statement. (rustavi2)

Georgian house of culture to be opened in China

The house of Georgian culture will be opened in the Chinese city of Yiwu.

According to the Governmental Administration, the details of the project were discussed at the meeting between the representatives of Suolin Group and the Prime Minister.

The house of Georgian culture is aimed at promoting Georgian culture in the world. Georgian folk songs, dances, traditional cuisine, wine, agricultural products, tourism, and investment potential will be exhibited on different floors of a five-storey building.

"The house of Georgian culture, the opening of which is planned in the city Yiwu will demonstrate Georgian culture. I am glad that we met with the PM, who promised assistance in all issues,” said the Director General of Suolin Group.

The company, together with Georgian partners, has already opened a Georgian Wine and Mineral Water House in China, which has been operating successfully. Georgian wine and mineral water is being exported to China.

The meeting was attended by representatives of large Chinese companies interested in investing in Georgia. (

MIA seized 147 pills containing buprenorphine

The officers of the division against the illegal circulation of drugs under the Central Criminal Police Department, as a result of investigative-searching activities held on the basis of the operative information Mikheil B. (DoB 1960) in Tbilisi for illegal purchase and keeping of drugs in especially large quantities.

During the searching held in the detainee’s vehicle, law enforcers seized 147 pills containing buprenorphine. The detainee has pleaded guilty and stated that purchased the mentioned drugs in Paris and illegally imported them to Georgia. Drug test results revealed that the detainee was a drug-addict.

An investigation is in progress on the charge of the illegal purchase and possession of drugs in especially large quantities and illegal import of drugs to Georgia article 262, IV part, sub-paragraph “A”, article 260 VI part envisaged by the Criminal Code of Georgia. (

Patriarch visiting villages near occupation line

Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia, Ilia II is visiting the Eparchy of Gori and Ateni. In particular, the Patriarch arrived in the village of Khurvaleti, which borders the occupied territory.

His Holiness met with locals gathered in the center of the village. Later, the Patriarch, together with bishops, moved to the barbed-wire fences, where the family of Vanishvilis has been living on the other side of the dividing line since 2008. His Holiness blessed the family and handed over a certain amount of money as assistance.

Davit Vanishvili complained about living like a prisoner beyond the barbed wires.

"We are in a very bad situation. We live like prisoners in our own homes. The nearest settlement from us is the Ossetian village of Tsinagara, where we have to go to get bread and salt. But they need Russian money. Where can we get Russian money? We only receive Georgian pension through this fence. Now my wife tells me that in the evening Russian soldiers may come and make us pay for talking with you ", - said Davit Vanishvili.

The Patriarch ensured them that everything will be fine and soon the situation will change for the better.

The Patriarch will visit the villages of Shindisi and Nikozi too. (

Georgian alpinists set a record! – Fastest climb on Ushba peak in history

On September 18, a group of Georgian mountaineers climbed the mount Ushba.

Zura Kvesitadze and Lasha Kvekveskiri carried out the fastest ascent in the history to the Ushba’s southern peak. The young climbers used the so-called Gabriel Khergiani’s route. The 5B (difficulty standard) route was covered by Georgians in 9 hours and 56 minutes, which means they set a new record.

It should be noted, that from 14 to 19 September, three groups of alpinists climbed the Ushba.

Another important fact is that it was the first conquest of Ushba by the Azeri climber Piruz Dadashov, who was the member of Irakli Gujabidze’s group. The third group consisted of Giorgi Kakhabrishvili, Giorgi Makalatia, Bakar Gelashvili and Levan Tsibadze.

The height of Ushba is 4710 meters (15452 feet) and in 1968 the English alpinists, under the command of Douglas Freshfield, made the first attempt to climb it. However, they couldn’t do it.

In 1888, the Englishmen John Garford Cokklin and Ulrich Almer made it to the northern peak and it was the first ever successful attempt.

In 1934, the brother and sister pair of Aliosha and Alexandra Japaridze, as well as Gio Niguriani and Iagor Kazalikashvili were the first Georgians to reach the peak of Ushba and Alexandra was the first woman to do so. In 1937, the hardest route to the southern peak was conquested by Gabriel, Beknu and Besarion Khergiani, Chichiko Chartolani and Maxime Gvarliani. (