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Air pollution measuring devices installed in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Monday, September 28
The National Agency of Environment of Georgia stated a couple of days ago that 60 air-pollution measuring devices have been installed throughout Georgia.

Specifically, the devices have been installed in Tbilisi, Rustavi, Batumi, Kutraisi, Zugdidi, Zestaponi, Akhaltsikhe, Gori and Telavi regional centres.

Head of the Agency Tamar Bagratia stated that the information obtained through the devices would be sent to laboratories in the United Kingdom (UK) for study.

“When we get the results of the lab analyses, we will be able to estimate the situation and think about relevant counter-steps,” Bagratia said.

Tbilisi City Hall issued the Environmental Strategy 2015-2020 earlier this month to oversee the development of Georgia’s capital into ecological city.

Stronger environmental legislation were thought to allow Georgia to achieve its goal of moving closer into line with other environmentally-friendly nations, said local officials.

Statistics showed 90 percent of air pollution was caused by vehicle emissions, which were due to poor quality fuel.

There are about one million cars in Georgia of which 40 percent are in Tbilisi. The latest data showed about 382,285 vehicles were registered in the capital city; the majority are old and do not meet moder environmental standards.

Georgia’s Green Movements, Partisan Gardening among them, frequently accuse the local authorities in drafting laws that are never fulfilled.

They stress that the authorities are mainly focused on generating money from investors and ignore environmental issues, pay no vital attention to cutting trees or various diseases which are currently afflicting Georgia’s woods and forests.

They stress that even without the devices the government could carry out various steps to help the current, high-level air-pollution especially in Tbilisi.