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Georgian Contingent's Farewell Ceremony

Friday, October 2
The farewell ceremony of the Georgian military contingent getting ready for deployment to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was conducted at the drill ground of the IV Mechanized Brigade in Vaziani. The military personnel of the 22nd Battalion of the II Infantry Brigade of the Georgian Armed Forces, “Alpha” Company of the 23rd Battalion and a National Guard Platoon will perform the NATO-led international mission “Resolute Support” under U.S. command over 7 months.

The event began by handing over the combat flag to the military unit. The Deputy Chief of the General Staff and Deputy Minister of Defence, Brigadier General Vladimer Chachibaia and Davit Ebralidze, addressed the Georgian soldiers. They wished the servicemen a successful accomplishment of the “Resolute Support” mission and a peaceful return home.

“Together with the civilized world, our country continues providing a contribution to global peace and security. We believe that by protecting peace in the world we are defending peace in Georgia. Therefore, we must fulfil our duties with dignity and be well aware that we are doing it for sake of our families and our country,” remarked Davit Ebralidze.

The U.S. Ambassador to Georgia Ian Kelly emphasized the contribution the Georgian troops are providing to international peace and security. “Georgian people must be full of pride for their military servicemen`s devoted service for maintaining international peace and security. Georgian soldiers are ready to sacrifice their lives. Unfortunately, Georgia has recently suffered the loss of First Class Private Vasil Kuljanishvili. I am proud that the U.S. Marines are also taking part in the event. They are going through preparation together with the Georgian troops and have been fulfilling the mission shoulder to shoulder with the Georgian military forces in Afghanistan for 7 years already. I want to emphasize that the Georgian military are well prepared for the deployment to Afghanistan”, stated Ambassador Ian Kelly.

At the end of the event Brigadier General Vladimer Chachibaia awarded the U.S. Marines with service medal “General Kvinitadze” for their contribution provided to the development of military cooperation between Georgia and the United States.

The military personnel of the 22nd Battalion of II Infantry Brigade and the National Guard Platoon will replace the 43rd Battalion of IV Mechanized Brigade at the Bagram Air Field. The Georgian military servicemen are engaged in full spectrum operations shoulder to shoulder with the U.S. Marines. Their main task will be providing security at the Bagram Air Field. “Alpha” Company of the 23rd Battalion of II Infantry Brigade will replace the Company of the 31st Battalion of III Infantry Brigade in Kabul and will be tasked with protecting the “Resolute Support” mission HQ.