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Georgian Contingent will participate in UN-led Mission

Friday, October 2
Georgia continues to provide a contribution in provision of global peace and security. Georgia plans to engage in the fourth international mission. The political decision of Georgia’s participation in the UN-led peacekeeping mission has already been made. Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili discussed this contribution at UN HQ on the sidelines of the visit to the USA. “We intend to participate in the UN-led peacekeeping mission. This is a merit of our soldiers. The recognition that our country has in recent years, the image and status that Georgia has established on international arena is the merit only of our heroic, brave soldiers. I’d like once more to emphasize their engagement and role in maintaining global peace and security,” stated Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili.

As Deputy Chief of General Staff of the GAF, Brigadier General Vladimer Chachibaia outlined, after the political decision, the Georgian military unit will be ready to carry out any kind of task in any country. Thus, the new mission will be only peaceful. “In comparison with the current operations, the UN-led peacekeeping mission will be easier and less dangerous. Currently, the Georgian military units participate in active combat missions such as counter-insurgency or counter-terrorist operations. But the Georgian contingent will perform only peacekeeping operations in the UN-led mission. Similar perspectives will be additional experience for the Georgian military. The “The Georgian flag will be hosted on UN HQ once more and in any country where we start performing a new mission. As the political decision is taken, the size of the Georgian contingent will be defined during the negotiations. Many issues will be planned according to the budget. We have the ability to prepare a military unit from platoon to battalion level and, at need, deploy to the operational area,” stated Brigadier General Vladimer Chachibaia.

Deputy Defence Minister Ana Dolidze emphasized the importance of engaging in a new UN-led mission. “The Georgian military has great experience of participation in international missions. Being UN peacekeepers - “Blue Helmets” - is a great honour. This means that one completes war and sets up peace on behalf of UN which is the main collective body of the world. Therefore, participation in a UN-led mission is a right decision. The Georgian Armed Forces have appropriate experience to provide security in more countries,” outlined Ana Dolidze.