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CSR Club Members gathered to discuss ongoing issues

By Messenger Staff
Friday, October 2
On September 29, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Club members gathered and discussed the CSR issues going on in the country. Club members also had an opportunity to share their initiatives about future activities within the club.

At the meeting, a presentation of a new webpage was held where all news about Georgian companies/organisations activities in the CSR direction will be uploaded regularly.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Tbilisi Mayor Irakli Lekvinadze who has presented a report after the Tbilisi June 13 flood. He also presented detailed information about financial resources and support program of the victims of the flood and hailed business companies to support them in financial assistance of those people.

“On behalf of Tbilisi City Mayor’s office I presented a report about the tragic event which took place in Tbilisi on June 13. At today’s meeting there were presented those companies’ representatives who have already made their contribution to assist flood affected people, however I presented some points which are still needed to be resolved. I have introduced them those needs and I do hope they will support us in this campaign,” Lekvinadze told media.

At the meeting, the CiDA presented UN Global Compact and offered partner organisations to establish local network of the initiative in Georgia. CiDA joined UN Global Compact in August and took responsibility to encourage local companies to actively make their contributions in CSR direction. CiDA briefed the main

The Corporate Social Responsibility Club is an informal union established with the initiative of the PR and Marketing Communications Company Gepra and Non-Governmental Organization CiDA on May 27, 2015. CSR Club aims to improve social welfare through promoting the practice of corporate social responsibility; make collaborative effort in development of CSR standards; mobilize resources to help vulnerable groups and to support different interested organizations; protect interests and lobbying of organizations with high social responsibility. Currently, there are 71 members in the Club including businesses, NGOs, media and public organisations.