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Friday, October 2
600 Russian troops participate in drills launched in Abkhazia

An active phase of military exercises has been launched in occupied Abkhazia, the Russian information agency Tass has reported.

The subdivisions of the Russian military base deployed in the occupied territory are taking part in the exercise. The number of Russian troops is estimated to be 600.

“Up to 600 troops and more than 100 units of modern military equipment are taking part in the exercises,” representatives of the South Military Region of Russia declare. (IPN)

Minister of Internal Affairs held meeting with newly appointed US Ambassador

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Giorgi Mgebrishvili, held a meeting with the newly-appointed US Ambassador Ian Kelly.

At the meeting, both men reviewed the cooperation results between the United States government and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and tackled projects implemented in the field of border management, drugs and human trafficking. The Minister also discussed current needs and challenges faced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Giorgi Mgebrishvili and Ian Kelly evaluated the current situation in the occupied territory of Georgia and reviewed the scheduled as well as ongoing activities of the Ministry. (

Another possible personnel change in the City Hall - will the deputy mayor resign or not?

The information about the possible resignation of Deputy Mayor Giorgi Solomonia is spread. The Mayor himself is currently on a business trip.

The opposition in the City Council is not surprised by Solomonia`s possible dismissal, because, as the opposition says, he is responsible for "failed projects".

The chairman of he National Movement faction, Irakli Abesadze, said that City Hall is ruled "from the outside, by the Interior Ministry's special services, which according to him, receive orders from Ivanishvili." (

The meetings of Tedo Japaridze in USA

On September 28-29, the Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, T. Japaridze held the meetings in USA with the Advisor of the Vice-President of USA on European Issues, the Member of the Board of Directors of Institute of Peace, Director of the Brookings Institute USA and Europe Center, Vice-President of the Strategic and International Research Center, CEO of the McCain Leaders International Institute, founder of the Rumsfeld Foundation, former US Ambassador to Russia, Vice-President of the “Ford” Company, former Head of Staff of the Helsinki Commission and the President of the Guggenheim International Investment Fund.

The parties discussed the geo-political situation in the region, the restoration of territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia and recent events in Georgia, as well as the importance of Georgia-USA strategic relations for democratization and security of the region. The parties touched upon the policy, democratization and security issues for the region and Georgian EU and NATO perspectives. (

Japan Times: Saakashvili for Ukraine's Prime Minister?

"Saakashvili for Ukraine Prime Minister?" Is the title of an article about the situation in Ukraine published in the newspaper Japan Times.

The author writes that after 24 years of independence and two revolutions, the promise of reforms that would turn Ukraine from a kleptocracy enabled by Soviet-era institutions into a European state have yet to be realised.

Three months ago, President Petro Poroshenko sent his friend (and Russia’s bete noire) Mikheil Saakashvili to see if he could sort out the country’s largest and most corrupt region, Odessa.

According to the journalist, the former President and his team of young reformers are trying to solve problems, not only in Odessa, but also in the whole of Ukraine.

The author says that while Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk is so unpopular, a replacement may soon be needed. Saakashvili may be the only potential candidate whose popularity is rising, and who could afford to take the radical steps required.

The article also mentions that a petition that has already been signed by 30 thousand citizens, the quantity required for the consideration of Mikheil Saakashvili for the position of Prime Minister. (

Two Nigerians beaten in Tbilisi, two suspects detained

Police in Georgia Sunday detained two Georgian for beating two Nigerians in Tbilisi.

The attacked happened on September 19 when one Georgian citizen and his two Nigerian friends were walking on Rustaveli Avenue in the capital. They were attacked by two Georgians, who beat and insulted the two Nigerians and later disappeared, according to the Interior Ministry.

After being detained, both attackers pleaded guilty, the Ministry said.

An investigation has been launched for conspiracy to commit hate crime based on race.

On September 21, before the police responded to the incident, a video was posted on the Facebook page of the so-called group Georgian Ultras. It showed a group of people, who would call themselves Bergman, attacking foreigners in the street.

The video was likely posted by them under the name “Bergman against niggers”. It was later deleted but re-uploaded by journalists.

The group targets victims on the basis of race or ethnic background. (