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Hague International Court asks Russia to present materials over 2008 Russia-Georgia War

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, October 8
According to Russian media, the case refers to an investigation conducted by Russia in order to ascertain the guilt of the Georgian government in starting the confict. .

“We tried to bring our materials to The Hague International Court. We have qualified the actions of Georgian soldiers actions as war crimes. Three days ago, we received a letter from The Hague, asking us to present our evidence,” the head of Russia’s Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, has said.

According to him, the letter may be a “sanction”, as the Georgian side will present counter-arguments and Russia will still be accused of aggression.

Russia’s Investigative Committee has launched the investigation on the charges “of murdering Russian citizens by means of genocide as well as prohibited methods” during the August war in 2008.

In all cases, Russia has only one “justification” for its actions - that it protected the interests of the people who had been suppressed and who were asking help from the Federation.

The same excuse was used with regards to Georgia and Ukraine, when historical parts of both nations were invaded and occupied.

Russia has a wide range of territories that had never been the part of the Federation or its predecessor state. If the circumstances were reversed and Russian territory was occupied, Moscow would doubtless declare war and declare (not unjustly) that the aggressor nation was an invader.

Russia is able to spout its own “truth” which it does not need to change or modify, as it knows how reluctant other influential countries are to provoke it.

Even in the case that all the international organizations, courts or foreign countries state that Russia was responsible for the war in Georgia in 2008, will it bring any genuine outcomes for Georgia? Whatever the verdict, Russia will still occupy 20% of Georgia's land. The current strength of Russia is the merit of weakness of the whole international organizations and world powers.

They closed their eyes when Russia occupied sovereign territory of both Ukraine and Georgia, blatantly violating international law. Now Russia is opposing the whole international community through its actions in Syria, and threatens Turkey with its incursions into Turkish airspace – undoubtedly a provocative move, since Turkey is a NATO member, unlike Georgia and Ukraine. The response – or lack thereof – from the rest of the world will be interesting.