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Thursday, October 8
Georgia plans to open diplomatic office in the United Arab Emirates

Georgia plans to open a diplomatic office in the United Arab Emirates next year.

As a representative of the Foreign Ministry has declared at the parliamentary committee session, an embassy will be opened in Abu-Dhabi and a General Consulate in Dubai.

As reported, the date cannot be confirmed at this time but all formal procedures have been passed.

Up to 3 million GEL has been allocated for opening the new diplomatic mission. (IPN)

Georgia renews four old airfields to develop rural aviation

Georgia is improving its aviation infrastructure by bringing new life to several old airports in different regions of the country.

The Georgian Civil Aviation Agency (GCAA) has created a concept plan to develop the country’s smaller, rural aviation centres.

A group of specialists from the GCAA studied the conditions of Georgia’s inactive airfields, heliport and runways located in different parts of the country. As a result the GCAA found four airfields had the potential for revival, GCAA director Guram Jalaghonia told local news agency BusinessPressNews.

The four airfields earmarked for upgrades were Ingiri, Omalo, Chikhareshi and Ambrolauri airfields.

Those interested in restoring these airports should address the GCAA to learn more about the renovation plans.

Developing regional small aviation is tightly linked to a country’s economy and tourism development. Regional aviation development would contribute to developing the country’s economy. It will also support the development of agriculture and tourism sectors. It might also solve demographic problems in the high-mountain regions,” said Jalaghonia.

As of today, three international airports operate in Georgia: Tbilisi Shota Rustaveli International Airport, Batumi Alexander Kartveli International Airport and Kutaisi International Airport.

There are also three local airports that perform domestic flights: Mestia, Natakhtari and Telavi. (

Opposition Activists Sent in Pretrial Detention After Spat with GD MP

A court in Kutaisi ordered the pretrial detention of three activists from the opposition UNM party and its affiliated group, Free Zone on Monday in connection to an incident involving a confrontation with a lawmaker from the Georgian Dream ruling coalition.

Activists from UNM affiliated group were holding a protest rally on October 2 outside the Parliament building in Kutaisi in support of Rustavi 2 TV, when they verbally and physically confronted GD lawmaker Davit Lortkipanidze. Three activists – Nika Narsia, Mirian Deisadze and Kakhaber Gabunia – were arrested several hours after the incident.

When UNM MP Giorgi Gviniashvili was punched by a Georgian Dream supporter during grape growers’ protest in Gurjaani on September 14, the perpetrator was charged without being detained.

UNM lawmakers say that differentiated treatment of these two cases – when a person punching UNM MP is released and those accused of physically assaulting GD MP are sent in pretrial detention – demonstrates selective application of justice.

Several activists from the Free Zone launched a hunger strike outside the Kutaisi City Hall on October 4, demanding release of the three detained (

I wanted Obama to mention Georgia – Foreign Minister

I have also felt certain criticism as President Obama did not mention Georgia in his speech,- Georgia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Vice PM Giorgi Kvirikashvili has told reporters.

According to Kvirikashvili, he wanted the U.S. President to mention Georgia in the context of Russia’s neighborhood policy.

Much more should be done in this respect in the future, he says.

“From my point of view, Georgia is on the agenda of the U.S. political establishment. President Obama allegedly has not mentioned Georgia as Ukraine is much hotter spot at the moment. Military operations are underway there, but I have also felt certain criticism in this respect. We should probably do more in order for Georgia’s issue to be permanently active,” Giorgi Kvirikashvili has said.

“While having a meeting with the U.S. officials together with Moldovan and Ukrainian ones I guessed our issue has actively been discussed but listening to President Obama’s speech I wanted him to mention Georgia in terms of Russia’s neighborhood policy,” Kvirikashvili concluded.

President Giorgi Margvelashvili stated several days ago that Georgia was no longer in on American political radars, as when President Obama spoke about Russian aggression, he only mentioned Ukraine.

The President stated that Georgia should undertake a more aggressive and reasonable foreign policy. (IPN)