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Friday, October 23
Manuscripts of the National Archive of Georgia inscribed into the UNESCO Memory of the World Register

Eight of the old manuscripts preserved at the National Archive of Georgia’s Ministry of Justice were inscribed into the UNESCO Memory of the World Register.

The unique manuscripts were exhibited today at the exhibition hall of the Ministry of Justice.

The culturally important documents, which are now part of the UNESCO Memory of the World Register, date back to the 9th-14th centuries. They include: 1. Anbandidebis Sakhareba. Written in Asomtavruli alphabet. 2. Psalms, 10th century, two papers, fragment, Asomtavruli alphabet (another fragment of this manuscript is preserved at the National Center of Manuscripts). 3. Lectionary, 10th century, 1 paper, fragment, Asomtavruli alphabet; the tradition of lectionaries is now defunct. 4. Lullaby, 10th-12th centuries, two papers, fragment, Nuskhuri alphabet. This fragment, along with several Georgian manuscripts, preserves the unique system of Georgian musical notation. 4. Palinphsest.

The UNESCO Memory of the World Register now preserves up to 348 documents. (

Occupied South Ossetia preparing for referendum

One of two of Georgia’s occupied regions, South Ossetia, is preparing for a referendum as to whether the Georgian breakaway region should join the Russian Federation.

Leonid Tibilov said that reuniting with Russia "is a century-long dream of the South Ossetian people," in comments quoted by the Interfax news agency on October 19 after talks with Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, reported.

Tibilov said he was sure the public and political leaders would support the idea. Tibilov said he was discussing the issue with the Kremlin. (

Minister of Internal Affairs became familiarized with development strategy of Service Agency

The Minister of Internal Affairs Giorgi Mgebrishvili visited the Service Agency and became familiar with its work specifics. At the work meeting, Davit Mizandari - the acting director of the agency - reported to the Minister regarding the implemented activities and introduced him to the development plan of the agency. “I think that the Agency has all the resources to be the flagship in the field of state services. In the scope of the scheduled changes within the agency, we will offer citizens a number of novelties which will improve the quality of service,” stated Minister Mgebrishvili. (

We hope the visa liberalization process will be successfully completed - Deputy Foreign Minister

We hope that our joint efforts will have positive results and the visa liberalization process will be successfully completed by the end of the year, Deputy Foreign Minister Gigi Gigiadze said at a joint meeting of three parliamentary committees.

According to him, in late September the EU assessment missions carried out visits to Georgia in four directions - migration, asylum policy, human trafficking and corruption. On the basis of the preliminary assessments, the missions may be evaluated as successful.

Progress in the remaining four areas - drugs, money laundering, law enforcement cooperation and human rights – will be assessed on the basis of a report from the European Commission, which will be published by the end of the year.

"Our expectation is that the European Commission's report will be final, on the basis of which the European Commission will address the European Council and the European Parliament with a recommendation on the introduction of visa-free travel for Georgian citizens. The current political background is quite unfavourable because of the EU migration crisis, although we hope that this will not affect the visa liberalization process," said Gigi Gigiadze. (

"It's Putin’s signal that Russia will start a war if we return to power"

According to Mikheil Saakashvili, Leonid Tibilov's statement on holding a referendum on the so-called South Ossetia’s integration with Russia is the Russian President Vladimir Putin's warning of war should the UNM return to power.

"Tibilov's statement on holding a referendum in South Ossetia is a signal to the effect that if the National Movement returns to power, Russia will annex South Ossetia, like they did with Crimea, and launch a war. But now Putin has no possibility to do it as he has become stuck in Syria-related issues. Now, Bidzina Ivanishvili and the "Georgian Dream" are really losing power. According to all surveys conducted, my team – the United National Movement - confidently leads with 4% lead over Ivanishvili's party,” Saakashvili said. (