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Chief of the General Staff visited Brussels

Friday, November 6
After finishing a visit to Germany, the Chief of the General Staff of the GAF left for Brussels to attend the EU Military Committee Session held at the level of Chiefs of Defence. Along with EU Armed Forces' chiefs of staff, military representatives of partner nations contributing to the EU-led missions attended the meeting.

The Chairman of the EU Military Committee, General Patrick de Rousiers, opened the session. The commanders updated the Chiefs of Staff about the progress of ongoing peacekeeping missions.

Discussions were held around the future plans of the missions in the Central African Republic and Somalia, including the progress achieved in terms of providing security .

“We have discussed the ongoing engagement in international missions, mainly in the Central African Republic. We have also referred to the very complicated issues more close to home, such as refugees and conflicts. I have arrived in Brussels from Germany and held important meetings. I have attended the conference with the participation of the NATO Land Forces Commanders and reviewed the challenges both in the region and in the world. There is even no doubt among the foreign military representatives regarding the necessity of Georgia`s NATO integration. However, the military are not eligible to make decisions. We are doing our job and I am sure that we will finally achieve our goal,” declared the Chief of the General Staff of GAF.

As well as Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway and Serbia are contributing to the Common Security and Defence Policy missions, and their representatives also took part in the joint session.