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Student competition Mission 2015 to be held by TBC bank support

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Monday, November 9
A student competition, Mission 2015, will be held at Tbilisi State University (TSU) with the support of TBC Bank. All students interested in marketing and public relations will be able to participate.

The contest is held annually and aims to encourage students to fulfill their ideas, and develop their professional skills by giving them the opportunity to work in a simulated work environment.

This year, students are being given the chance to become TBC Bank’s virtual managers of Marketing and Public Relations and to plan specific activities to obtain monetary awards and implement their ideas.

The contest consists of two stages, and the TBC bank task will only be given to the participants who reach the second round.

The total prize money is 5, 000 GEL. 1st place – 2, 500 GEL, 2nd place – 1, 500 GEL, 3rd place place – 1, 000 GEL.

In addition, Electronic Book House Saba will grant 10 e-books to the winners.

TBC Bank's External Relations and Media Communications Director Tamar Kirvalidze said that TBC Bank participates in the competition planning process.

"Our goal is to find young talented students, to give them professional development opportunities, and most importantly, the self-confidence needed to succeed. We understand that these types of events for students are extremely important and TBC Bank promises them full support,” stated Kirvalidze.

The Rector of TSU Vladimer Papava said that the contest is being held for the fifth time.

"This contest has become a tradition for the university. The interest from the students is very high and the results are most gratifying. I am happy that TBC Bank decided to support us and I would like to thank them for doing such a good job,” stated Papava.