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Georgian Dream – Industrials chairman to leave parliament

By Tea Mariamidze
Monday, November 9
The Georgian Dream – Industrials Chairman Gogi Topadze will leave his deputy mandate and terminate his menbership as an MP.

Concerning the issue, Topadze has released a statement in which he claims that he is going to leave parliament after his draft law concerning Natural Biodiversity protection is adopted.

“Being in politics has never been my main aim, I made this step because I thought the country was going in the wrong direction. Today, the future seems brighter to me, and intentionally or unintentionally, I do not want to cause any dissonance in the coalition. I am convinced that the current government will lead the country to a better future and I will do my best to help them in this vital commitment,” Topadze’s statement reads.

The Industrials chairman said that the main reason of his decision is different opinions within the ruling Georgian Dream (GD); however he noted that this diversity has never affected the main task of the government-to build a free and democratic country and become a member of the European family.

According to Gogi Topadze, he will make a final decision after a draft law initiated by him concerning Natural Biodiversity protection is adopted.

“This draft will eventually bring the introduction of genetically modified organisms to an end,” he stated.

The secretary of the Georgian Dream – Industrials, Zurab Tkemeladze, confirms that Topadze is going to quit parliament, saying that this decision has nothing to do with the Rustavi 2 TV case.

“We are friends, party colleagues and like-minded people and we respect each other's decisions,” says Tkemaladze.

It should be noted that recently, Topadze was criticized by the GD coalition for his “harsh” comments about the Rustavi 2 TV court dispute and Stalin, when he stated that Stalin was one of the greatest people of the 20th century and all Georgians should be proud of him.

A member of the majority coalition, Guguli Magradze, says that Topadze does not want to disturb the Georgian Dream with his different ideas.

“Gogi belongs to another generation and we have had differences in opinion, particularly about our European direction, which always has been my main aim. Some people may consider this issue is no longer close to them and decide not to bother others and leave. However, this is his decision and we all respect his choice,” she stated.

It has become known that in case Topadze leaves the coalition and parliament, he will be replaced by Zaza Chiladze, his nephew, who is the son of a famous Georgian writer, Otar Chiladze.