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EU funds joint project to improve e-Governance in Georgia

Thursday, November 12
Estonian and Italian experts are helping Georgia to align its e-Governance and information security legislation with European standards.

The Estonian e-Governance Academy, together with Italy's CSI Piemonte, are launched a twinning project on e-Governance in Georgia on November 9. The project was being funded by the European Union (EU).

Within the project, the Estonian and Italian experts will consult and train specialists from the Data Exchange Agency of the Georgian Ministry of Justice and Georgian Government for 18 months.

“E-Governance helped us to carry out reforms and make Estonia a democratic, transparent and modern country subject to the rule of law. Georgia is already advanced in IT solutions and I hope that the knowledge and experience that Estonian experts bring to this project will take e-Georgia further,” said Estonia’s Foreign Minister Marina Kaljurand.

The EU allocated ˆ1.3 million funding to the twinning project Support to Strengthening of e-Governance in Georgia II.

“This is an opportunity to conduct the whole knowledge transfer. Whilst building an e-government in Estonia we have acquired unique experience that is useful to Georgia today,” said Resident Twinning Adviser Ivar Tallo.

The project was implemented by the Estonian e-Governance Academy in cooperation with the Estonian State Chancellery and Italian ICT Consortium CSI-Piemonte. (