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Friday, December 4
We could get neither MAP nor guarantee for NATO membership - Nino Burjanadze

“As it appears, I made a correct prediction with regards to the NATO ministerial like I did regarding visa liberalization earlier,” said Nino Burjanadze, leader of the Democratic Movement, when commenting on the NATO statement.

According to her, it is absolutely clear that the policy, pursued by the Georgian government since 2008, has failed.

“We will get neither MAP nor a guarantee for NATO membership, and unlike our government’s irresponsible statements promising us NATO membership without MAP, today NATO representatives clearly said that MAP is an integral part of integration with the Alliance,” said Burjanadze.

According to her, the text of the statement includes empty words and it is hard to anticipate a positive outcome.

“This is happening in light of the statements of Stoltenberg and Steinmeier that NATO-Russia Council will be restored and that the Alliance is ready for it. Given all this, it is easy to make accurate conclusions, but the government does not want to do it,” said Burjanadze. (ipn)

Statistic data on the number of visitors entering Georgia (November, 2015)

The Information-Analytical Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs presented the statistical data of the number of visitors having crossed the state border of Georgia over the last month. In particular the number of visitors in November 2015 amounted to 436 234 – an increase of 8,4 % than the index of the same period in 2014. According to the new method of a conditional division, the correlation of specific number is the following:

a) Tourist - 144 109 visits (of general number increased by 33%, in comparison with the same index of the last year, 3,6%);

b) Transit –93 716 visits (general number, increased by 21,5% in comparison with the same index of the last year 10,5%);

c) Other - 198 409 visits (general number, increase by 45,5% in comparison by the same index of the last year- 11,2%);

As for the January-November period, the number of visits to the country amounted to 5 431 723 – more by 6,9% than the index of the same period in 2014.

Most of the visits in September 2015 were paid again from Turkey (+2.2%), Azerbaijan (+22%), Armenia (-1%), Russia (+7%) and Ukraine (-2%). The same positive tendency is also preserved in connection with EU countries: in terms of the increasing number of arrivals to Georgia in January-November period the following countries traditionally took the leading position: Lithuania, Italy, Germany and Latvia (relevantly 17%, 14%, 11% and 11%), Central Asian countries –Kazakhstan (30%). The number of arrivals to Georgia from Eastern European countries predominantly originate from Belarus (52%). From Asian countries, the number of United Arab Emirates visitors increased by 748% and Saudi Arabia (79% increase), with Israel's figures increasing by 39%. An increase from the USA is also worth noting (10%). (

Car of Minister of IDPs and Settlement caught in accident, one person killed

The car, which was driven by a driver of Sozar Subari, the Minister of IDPs and Settlement, hit a taxi in the village of Marani in the Abasha district of Georgia. The crash killed the taxi driver.

The Minister was in the car when the car accident occurred. An investigation into the case is ongoing. Both cars are being subjected to an examination by experts. The Georgian Ministry of IDPs and Settlement expressed condolences to the deceased driver’s family. (

Rustavi 2 founders release statement

Rustavi 2 founders Davit Dvali and Jarji Akimidze have released a statement on the decision of the Court of Appeal which overturned judge Tamaz Urtmelidze’s decision on appointment of temporary managers in the TV company.

Dvali and Akimidze say that despite their annulled status of temporary managers, they feel obliged to participate in Rustavi 2-orientated processes in the future in order to facilitate a full restoration of justice.

According to the statement, as law-abiding citizens, they will obey the court's decision. They said that they agreed to become temporary managers due to the complicated situation around Rustavi 2 and that it is unacceptable for them to engage former and future employees in any kind of political provocation.

“We were offered by our future partners that in case of successful completion of the trial we will get ownership of 50 % of the company and the directors’ post. We think that this proposal is a full guarantee for the TV company’s independence in the future.

“Despite our annulled status of temporary managers, we feel obliged to participate in Rustavi 2-orientated processes in the future in order to facilitate the full restoration of justice,” reads the statement. (ipn)