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Hundreds of trucks are stuck at Zhinvali

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, December 8
Hundreds of trucks have been stuck at Zhinvali for nearly 5-6 days. The reason of the loaded traffic is one-side movement, established by the Roads Department of Georgia because due to security reasons.

The Department has set restrictions from the Zhinvali to Kobi sections of the roads because of ice, snow and poor visibility on the territory.

According to the Roads Department, all kinds of transport should have anti-skid chains and traffic movement proceeds with the direction and coordination of the Patrol Police.

The department says movement on this section is forbidden for trailers, semi-trailers and buses with more than 30 seats. For other vehicles, movement remains free.

The drivers of the trailers are dissatisfied with the traffic jams. They say that the trailers are loaded with perishable products and it is necessary for them to reach the Lars checkpoint as soon as possible. Some drivers complain that they are running out of fuel.

“We have been here for five days and nobody has come and explained the situation. Little work has been done during these days while we are here with no food, no water and no heat,” one of the truck drivers says.

According to the Head of the Roads Department, Nugzar Gasviani, the restrictions have been imposed for the safety of the drivers. He says that the clearing work has finished and the road is free from snow and ice.

“The Gudauri-Kobi section is situated in one of the most difficult climatic and geographical area and the movement was hindered for trucks due to the risk of avalanches. The road has now been cleared and the movement of trailers from Zhinvali has already begun,” stated Gasviani.