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New Year fireworks and fatal incidents

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, December 16
Several days ago, a four-year old child was rushed to hospital after he ate a small Christmas firework that was placed inside a popcorn plastic bag as a present.

There was no indication about the gift on the bag to warn parents.

It should be stressed that it this an example of cases that frequently take place during the New Year period in Georgia.

Rockets and such types of explosive items are available for all Georgians, especially for minors.

They can buy the rockets everywhere and use them anywhere without being aware of the possible dangers.

Despite the fact that each year Georgia witnesses tens of fatal incidents due to rockets and fireworks, there are still no tough procedures to address the problem.

This creates a threat not only to people who set fireworks off, but also for the rest of the population as well, as there were cases when pedestrians have received serious body or eye injuries because of fireworks detonating on the streets.

The government frequently organizes Christmas and New Year concerts with the participation of famous or less famous performers, but due to the noise of fireworks which are generally used by children during the events - it is practically impossible to enjoy the occasions.

All in all, the government should take urgent measures to prevent such incidents this year.

Fireworks must not so readily available, and they definitely must not be sold to minors.

Strengthening laws in this regard is absolutely necessary, as it concerns human health and life.