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Thursday, December 17
NATO-Georgia Commission session held in Brussels

A NATO-Georgia Commission session has been held at the NATO Office in Brussels. As IPN has been informed by the governmental administration of Georgia, the PM’s Assistant for Human Rights and Gender Equality protection affairs, Sopo Japaridze, headed Georgia’s interagency delegation.

Sopo Japaridze delivered a speech on the work implemented by the Georgian government in terms of human rights protection as well as its future plans.

The Georgian side has discussed the implementation of a government action plan as well as the national strategy for human rights protection which was approved in 2014. Conducted institutional reforms and issues of human rights violation in Georgia’s occupied regions were also emphasized.

“The NATO countries' representatives positively assessed Georgia’s progress achieved in terms of human rights protection and remarked that for the region’s countries, Georgia is exemplary in terms of conducting democratic reforms. The alliance members expressed their support towards Georgia’s ongoing reforms and Euro-Atlantic integration,” reads the statement published by the government administration. (IPN)

"Georgia will have more normal relations with Russia, if it becomes a NATO-member"

As the CEO of the Atlantic Council Damon Wilson told "Voice of America", a perceived threat from Russia has forced NATO to decide on Montenegro’s inclusion into the Alliance.

"Many believe that Montenegro should have been invited to join the Alliance earlier, but NATO needed time to reach a consensus. We see Russian propaganda efforts everywhere – the same happened in Montenegro, the same thing is happening in Ukraine. I believe without exaggeration that this narrative finds no response amongst Georgians. I do not think Russia will make any concrete steps against Montenegro. The enlargement process is accompanied by a greater clarity and confidence, and it increases the stable opportunities for cooperation with Russia. For example, relations between Poland and Russia are much more stable today because of Poland's NATO membership. I expect the same will be the case with Montenegro. I sincerely believe that we will see the same results in Georgia in the long term. It is important that Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova are not weak targets of Russia and have solid-state institutions and continue developments in the defence field. I don’t think anybody has is under any illusion that Georgia will become a NATO member after the Warsaw summit. In general, many things are unclear. The decisions we make today may not be in force until the Warsaw summit. Look how Ukraine’s developments have changed the situation prior to the Wales summit. Observe how Syria and the actions of the Islamic State change the situation. So, it’s still too early to talk about the particular results of the Warsaw summit,” said Wilson. (

Georgian entry for 2016 Eurovision song contest revealed

Georgia has selected its contestant for the 2016 Eurovision song competition.

Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz, a Georgian rock band, have been chosen to represent Georgia at the international song contest in Sweden next spring.

Georgia's Eurovision producer Natia Uznadze announced the winner today, and also called on the public for song submissions that the band could play in next year’s competition.

“Composers with experience in the band's performing genre can write a song for them. Five songs will be shortlisted from the submissions, with the final winner selected by the jury and the audience," Uznadze said.

The submissions should be original and have a "melodic song structure of alternative and indie rock with electronic beats, synths and/or samples, and club orientation of post-disco dance music".

Georgia first participated in the Eurovision international song contest in 2007. Singer Nina Sublatti represented the country in last year's contest in Austria with her song ‘Warrior’.

The 2016 Eurovision competition will be held on May 10, 12 and 14 in Sweden. (

Controversy at the Sukhumi University - students demand the dismissal of journalist Nugzar Kereseldize

A controversy has erupted at the Sukhumi University, students are demanding the dismissal of journalist Nugzar Kereselidze from the University, though he does not plan to leave.

The students disrupted lessons and seminars as they disapprove of the lecturer's educational strategy.

Nugzar Kereselidze states that the students are led by the rector of the University. The students state that they are going to continue the protest and the rector claims that he will appoint a sitting of the Academic Council to decide the issue. (Rustavi2)