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Govít strengthens law for cutting fir trees

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, December 24
The Minister of Environmental Protection, Gigla Agulashvili, has announced that for the illegal cutting of fir trees, individuals will face fines and even imprisonment for repeated offences.

Speaking about the details, the Minister emphasized that in the case of illegally felling the trees on state-owned territory, the perpetrator would have to pay a 200-400 GEL fine.

If the action is committed on a protected area the fine increased to 400-500 GEL.

If the cutting concerned a rare species, the fine is set between 500-600 GEL.

If the damage to the environment reaches more than 1,000 GEL, the issue of legal responsibility could be raised.

Agulashvili stated that the selling of fir trees was permitted if they were provided through special plantations, nursery gardens or from any area under private ownership.

In the case of private ownership, an owner will have to present special documentation issued by the local municipality.

The Minister emphasized that special departments of the Ministry of Environmental Protection remain vigilant and continually monitor coniferous areas.