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Thursday, December 24
Woman accused of murdering her husband and son sentenced to pre-trial detention

Magda Papidze, 25, accused of murdering her husband and son, has been sentenced to pre-trial detention by Tbilisi City Court.

Judge Arsen Kalatozishvili said he had taken all the evidence into account before pronouncing his verdict.

The next trial is scheduled on February 10, 2016 at 12:00. (IPN)

Georgian politician bit off colleague’s ear

A local politician in Georgia bit off part of the ear of a colleague during a fight on Monday.

Emiko Peikrishvili, the former head of Kareli municipality in the Shida Kartli region, bit off a small part of the ear of Ilia Kelekhsashvili, assistant to the current head of the municipality in a fight which according to local TV station Trialeti took place inside a car.

Peikrishvili, who now works as an assistant to Leri Khabelovi, a member of parliament from Kareli, says they argued about his successor as the municipal head of the small town, Zaza Guliashvili.

Peikrishvili waited for Keleksashvili, then asked him to stop his car and then sat down inside it. He protested against the fact that he was not allowed into a session of the Georgian Dream party. The session was headed by the head of municipality, or gamgebeli. Keleksashvili told him it was a closed party meeting and he did not have the right to attend.

Peikrishvili then said bad things about the gamgebeli, which enraged Kelekhsashvili, who then hit the former, who then went on to, in his own words, ‘act adequately’.

Commenting to Maestro TV, Peikrishvili said that he cannot remember what exactly happened, but he remembers how the police came and told him the outcome of the fight.

“I can in fact confirm that Kelekhsashvili doesn’t have an ear anymore,” Peikrishvili said.

He said that he was against appointing Guliashvili as the gamgebeli, claiming that he had a bad past, but gave no further details.

Peikrishvili does not consider himself guilty of any crime, and said he would have defended himself in the event of any fight.

Kelekhsashvili, in a telephone interview, Maestro that he has had surgery. He remembered that Peikrishvili insulted him savagely.

“He turned to me, grabbed my ear and I couldn’t get rid of him.”

Peikrishvili says he had a confrontation with gamgebeli Zaza Guliashvili, which was the reason for the fight.

The victim has had surgery, but doctors were unable to save his ear. He is now receiving treatment in Tbilisi.

Police are investigating the case under Article 113 of the Criminal Code, which concerns premeditated light injuries to the body, and may be punishable with up to three years in jail. (df watch)

Germany offers ˆ30m loan to rehabilitate water systems in Batumi

Georgian residents in the coastal city of Batumi will soon drink fresh, clean water and have their sewage systems restored thanks to a multi-million Euro loan from Germany.

Germany has confirmed a ˆ30 million (about 80 million GEL) loan to Georgia to rehabilitate the drinking water and sewage systems in the Black Sea resort town.

This financial deal was solidified when Georgia and the German government-owned development bank (KfW) signed an agreement to allocate a ˆ30 million preferential loan to Georgia.

The German government has supported the rehabilitation of Batumi’s utility infrastructure since 2007.

The first two phases of a larger rehabilitation project has already been completed, while the third phase is currently underway. Today’s agreement was signed in order to plan the implementation of the fourth and final phase.

Once the fourth phase is completed in 2018, more than 200,000 residents of Batumi will enjoy a clean, safe and reliable drinking water supply and an improved sewage system.

In total, the German government has allocated more than ˆ140 million (about 367 GEL) for this project.

In addition, the European Union has provided ˆ8.5 million (about 22 million GEL) for developing Batumi’s water infrastructure.

With this money new reservoirs and a modern, energy efficient treatment plant has been built in several villages in the Adjara region.

In Batumi, earlier rehabilitation works saw the rehabilitation of sewage pumps and installation of new pipes for drinking water and sewage. Batumi’s residents now enjoy a constant, reliable supply of clean drinking water. (