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National Environmental Agency presented 2015 report

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Friday, December 25
The National Environmental Agency (NEA) of Georgia presented its 2015 report concerning environmental conditions and prevention methods.

The Head of the National Environmental Agency, Tamar Bagratia, stated that the agency’s priority is the monitoring of environmental pollution, the management of natural processes, the implementation of new technologies, the development of hydro-meteorological monitoring system, the improvement of weather forecasting, and the monitoring of the Black Sea.

Bagratia underlined the importance of water quality and early warning monitor systems. She said that the agency also has the right to give licenses for using natural resources.

According to her, the report is not about daily activities, it is about priorities.

“We work hard to share international experience and to introduce new technologies. We want to achieve more. From 2016, our agency will start working in all fields. Georgia has such a geographical location that we have to work on preventative methods so that we can maximally control natural processes,” stated Bagratia.

The Minister of Environment and Natural Recourses Gigla Agulashvili said that the threats and challenges that agency is working on need more attention from governmental circles and society as a whole.

“The danger is linked to both natural and manmade risks. Unfortunately we attract attention only when disasters occur. We already had some bad examples, such as the flood tragedy that happened in Vere gorge, on June 13. After such incidents, we should pay more attention to avoid tragedies in future,” stated Agulashvili.

He also noted that air monitoring, natural risks assessment and the implementation of new technologies should continue.

“We have pretty good initiatives. We want to work with other institutions as well. For example, along with the Ministry of Agriculture, we are planning some interesting activities, which we will inform society about later. Therefore, we all ought to realize how important is the work that NEA does ,” stated Agulashvili.