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Georgian Development Fund holds presentation

By Tea Mariamidze
Friday, December 25
Well-known Georgian opera bass Paata Butchuladze will no longer lead the charity foundation Iavnana, established by him in 2004. The information was announced at a presentation of the Georgian Development Fund (GDF), which was set up several months ago by Burchuladze.

According to him, he has granted Guram Akhalaia the right to head the Iavnana Foundation, but he remains a member of the board and an active participant of the foundation.

As for the Iveria fund and its project, the cathedral will still be constructed at the Makhata mountain by the district’s administration and the constructors’ council.

At the presentation of the GDF, Burchuladze spoke about the main goals and reasons of its establishment.

“The Fund was established to end nepotism, lack of professionalism, irresponsibility, indifference and era of fear. In the past we were afraid of the authorities; now we are afraid of tomorrow,” he stated.

According to Burchuladze, the Georgian Development Fund is a public initiative, which will unite people around the common ideas and aims and it will be open for all skilful people despite ethic factors.

“This is not a political organization; it was set up for everyone who wants to participate in the development and success of the country,” noted Burchuladze, and added that youth involvement is most welcomed.

The opera singer also spoke about the economic situation in the country, noting that 42% of Georgians are in poverty.

“With such development steps, we will not be able to come near to the poorest countries of the world. Humanity is developing forward very fast but we have lagged behind. This must be changed. We do not have the right to be late,” said Burchuladze.

According to the world-renowned opera bass, he has cancelled his contracts and performances for the next year - when parliamentary elections are scheduled in Georgia - in order to concentrate solely on the Development Fund.