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Quality of fuel to be strictly controlled

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, January 5
New regulations for fuel quality control will be launched soon. The Ministry of Environment stated that according to different surveys, air pollution is mostly caused because of low quality fuel.

“Air pollution readings of 95% are caused due to old cars and low quality fuel,” reads the statement.

The Minister of Environmental Protection Gigla Agulashvili stated that along with his Ministry, other official bodies will also be involved in process.

“For example, on the border, quality will be controlled by the Ministry of Economics. However, the regulations will be launched not only for exporters, but for those who are re-processing oil within the country as well,” stated Agulashvili.

According to him, fuel will be controlled without planning and the owners will not be warned.

The Environment Ministry also announced that it is Eco-labeling, and all the petrol stations which sell high quality fuel will have a special mark.

The new regulations were welcomed by most of the large-scale fuel companies.

Deputy Director of Lukoil Company, Shavleg Mishvelaze, said that there are companies who have distributed low quality fuel in the country for decades.

“The time when Georgian fuel should have quality equal to other European countries has come. The regulations will help the country to reach higher standards soon enough,” stated Mishveladze.

“Business and operator companies will be involved in the process. This is a good synthesis when government and business collaborate. It will bring benefits to our country. The company’s corporate social responsibility (SCR) will also increase,” stated the President of the Wissol Group, Soso Pkhaladze.

Georgia has accepted responsibility to decrease air pollution after signing the Association Agreement with European Union.

Also, from 2017, the county must fully comply with the standards of the Euro 5.