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Tbilisi homeless people enjoy first permanent shelter

By Messenger Staff
Friday, January 8
For the first time, a permanent shelter for homeless people has opened in Tbilisi.

The construction of the facility was financed by the Mayor’s Office and is under its supervision.

Up to now, there were no special buildings allocated for the category of people to protect them from various threats to their life and heath, especially in the summers and winters.

The modern building, built to accommodate 240 people, is located in the suburb of Tbilisi in the Lilo settlement, and is equipped with a dining room and bathrooms, as well as laundry and drying blocks.

The two-storey facility also offers a day and night medical service, wherein medicine is given free of charge, along with two main meals a day.

All the homeless people registered in Tbilisi who can look after themselves and don’t have any contagious illnesses can live in the facility without any restrictions in every season.

There are five two-storey beds in each room. Women and men are separated, and although no children are admitted to the facility, youth care is being catered for elsewhere.

In previous years, there was the so-called “tent town”, which was spread on Moscow square in Tbilisi’s outskirts, which served as the main residence for many homeless people.

Of course, such steps and initiatives are welcome. The state government should care about its vulnerable population.

Tbilisi was one of the initial problems in this regard, as statistically most homeless people live in the capital city.

Despite the fact the country’s major city was most affected by the problem, it does not mean that there are no such individuals in other parts of the country.

It will be more welcome if such facilities are built in each problematic area.

People must not die from starvation and exposure in the 21st century.