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GD executive secretary’s statement over party list causes stir

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, January 13
Changes will be made in Georgian Dream’s (GD) election list for the upcoming elections. The statement regarding this issue was made by the Executive Secretary of GD Party, Irakli Kobakhidze.

His statement has become a reason of diverse reactions in the ruling team. According to Kobakhidze’s statement, former actors and sportsmen no longer will be included in the list.

Some Members of Parliament (MPs) expressed dissatisfaction regarding the statement voiced by the Executive Secretary. The team members are talking about the necessity to make changes in the list, however some believe that the separation of candidates by their profession is wrong.

“Changes have to be made to the election list. We have more than enough representatives from sports and the arts in the list at the moment, and need more people with juridical, economic and political skills in the party,” stated Kobakhidze.

Former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili stated that the Parliament Speaker Davit Usupashvili has requested him to put more people with lawmaking skills on party list.

“He asked me not to add any famous people, actors, sportsmen, singers etc. to the list. As he told me, he needs more people with professional skills,” stated Ivanishvili when acting as Georgia’s Prime Minister.

Soso Jatchvliani, a member of the GD coalition who also is an actor, said that such a decision was made by some ‘underground dark forces’.

“People who are trying to make such changes are trying to get rid of all the trusted people from Ivanishvili. I myself came to Parliament because I was asked to do so; it was not my desire,” stated Jachvliani.

Another member of Georgian Dream, Gia Volski, said that Kobakhidze needs to think hard about such changes and then make a decision.

“My advice to him is to think hard before making a final decision. Candidates must not be estimated because of their profession; all they need is a good general education,” state Volski.

Manana Kobakhiadze, a senior member of the Parliamentary majority, said that changes are necessary.

“However, throwing someone out of the list solely due to their profession is not right,” she said.

MP Zviad Dzidziguri shares his teammates’ position.

“One of the best American Presidents, Ronald Reagan, was an actor. In my opinion, such an approach to the issue is wrong,” stressed Dzidziguri.