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New Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi: Implementation of infrastructural projects will accelerate

By Tea Mariamidze
Friday, January 15
Tbilisi Mayor Davit Narmania presented a new Deputy Mayor, Giorgi Liluashvili, on January 14.

Narmania said at a press conference in City Hall that Liluashvili has extensive experience and he is a very successful person.

"He is an economist by profession and a Master of International Relations. Since 1999, he has worked in both the public and private sectors. He has all the skills and qualities to successfully serve as the Deputy Mayor of the capital. Together we will continue to do important things for the development and advancement of Tbilisi,” said Narmania.

Moreover, he noted that new Deputy Mayor Liluashvili is his friend and they used to work in the public sector together.

Giorgi Liluashvili also made a speech at the conference. He expressed his readiness to assist the Mayor and facilitate the management system of Tbilisi.

“I will do my best to assist the Mayor and his team in order to finish every initatied project and accelerate the implementation of new infrastructural projects,” he stated.

Former Deputy Mayor Giorgi Solomonia resigned on January 12, moving to the Investigation Department of the Ministry of Finance.

The opposition linked Solomonia’s resignation to “a large number of unfinished infrastructural works” and the Prime Minister’s wish to timely improve the infrastructure of the capital.

According to the Mayor, Solomonia resigned voluntarily and the opposition is just making up some stories in order to win media space.

“The Prime Minister’s attitude towards the capital is that he wants to cooperate with the Mayor’s Office, and with joint care and joint efforts make Tbilisi much more attractive and comfortable. We have his full support," Narmania said.

Narmania noted that no further changes in the Mayor’s Office are expected. The Office will send Liluashvili’s candidacy for the post of the Deputy Mayor to the City Council for approval.