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Tuesday, January 19
Two Georgian citizens die in Syria

Two Georgian citizens have died in Syria. As an InterpressNews correspondent was told by the locals of Pankisi Gorge, 24-year-old Ramzan Fareulidze and 22-year-old Mukhmad Turkoshvili were killed.

Reports say the deceased were fighting for the Islamic State.

Both of them left for Syria a year ago.

Search operations for three lost hunters continue in eastern Georgia

The search continues for three Georgian hunters who went missing 20 days ago after they became lost due to heavy snowfall.

Georgia’s Deputy Interior Ministers, Shalva Khutsishvili and Merab Malania, met with the parents and relatives of the lost hunters and briefed them on the current search activities.

The officials said that earlier reports about the three men being allegedly found in Dagestan, a North Caucasus republic under Russian rule, turned out to be false.

"The Interior Ministry has confirmed information that no Georgian citizen has been detained for illegally crossing the Russian border near Dagestan in at this time,” the officials said.

Earlier it was believed that the three hunters could have found themselves in Dagestan after they could not find their way home. On January 7, a Georgian media outlet – the Kakheti Information Centre - spread the information that the hunters were in Dagestan, and had been detained there for allegedly illegally crossing the border.

The locals of the Kabali village in the eastern Lagodekhi municipality, announced on December 29 their four residents of the village went hunting and could not get back due to storms and heavy snowfall.

On December 31, only one out of the three hunters returned, as apparently he managed to walk faster than the others. He did not have any information about the whereabouts of his friends Levan Jalalovi, Avtandil Samkharadze and Davit Samkharadze.

All relevant bodies have been involved in the search operations over the last few weeks; helicopters were also used during the search operation.The Interior Ministry pledged that the search would continue until the men are found.

Iraqi students didn’t comply with residency requirements: Minister

Georgian Education Minister Tamar Sanikidze said on Friday that a handful of Iraqi students had their residency permits revoked because they did not comply with the legal requirements to remain in Georgia.

The students, who are attending Akaki Tsereteli State University in Kutaisi, demonstrated a few days ago and appealed to the university for help.

Sanikidze said she did not have any information about the alleged security risk the students were told they pose to the country.

“They also had to go through certain procedures of security rules, which are also described in national legislation,” she said, explaining that the next step is to appeal the decision in court.

“If they have some additional documents to submit in order to receive a residency permit, they will have this opportunity as well.”

They also have the option of taking a break from their studies until their problems are resolved, she added.
(DF Watch)