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Georgia in need of high-quality education

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, January 21
Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Kvirikahsvili stated that the country is in need of systemic changes in the education field.

The country’s top official also named three directions which should be urgently addressed.

The PM underscored that the current educational system failed to produce professionals.

The three directions named by Kvirikashvili are the following:

Development of vocational education;

General educational reform, meaning maximal raising of quality of education at schools, and;

Providing top quality high education in Georgia;

The PM also spoke about the significance of dynamic research which should be conducted in the country to reveal the most needed professions in the country.

“The state’s financial resources should be appropriately invested in education, and we should not support unemployment through covering the expenses of unnecessary directions and low level education,” the PM said.

Georgia is indeed in need of high-quality education.

Many Georgian higher education institutions produce graduates with a general education rather than people skillful in specific professions or areas of academia.

Having a general education is not, of course, a bad thing. However, when one graduates from a university, he should be first of all highly educated in the field he had chosen to study.

Striving towards a high level of education should start from every kindergartens and schools.

Many children in Georgian schools – providing their parents have a sufficient income - have private teachers.

However, if there was good secondary education in the country (as there is in many developed countries in the world), there would be no need for additional tutoring.