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International Convention seminar for the youth held in Tbilisi

Thursday, January 28
The Georgian youth paved the way to urge the implementation of the international convention for the cessation of war and achievement of world peace.

The International Convention seminar for the cessation of war and achievement of world peace was held by Georgian members of International Peace Youth Group (IPYG), and affiliated organization of Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL), on Jan 25th at the conference room of ILIA University, Tbilisi, Georgia. The implementation of International convention to head off wars and armed conflicts is urgently needed, at a time when the Syrian war is dragging out and the refugee crisis is being occurred all over in Europe.

The event was opened by Olivia Jeon, the IPYG project coordinator introducing the peace movements of HWPL and IPYG. In the beginning Olivia Jeon said “the 1st Annual Commemoration of September 18th World Alliance of Religions' Peace Summit was held by HWPL, IPYG and the International Women Peace Group (IWPG) on Sep 18 2015 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. I’m deeply moved to see the international convention seminar held in Tbilisi, Georgia to put the peace agreement into practice today.

Mr. Luka Pertaia, a freelancer journalist of IWPR(Institute for War & Peace Reporting) who attended the seminar said “I think implementation of International convention for cessation of war and achievement of world peace is definitely essential. We are living in era of war… very few years without war. So the convention will provide new vision and new ideas for realizing ideal world.” which made him understand the significance of HWPL's activities to call for the international convention.

Other than the International law seminar, HWPL short film festival is to be held in Tbilisi on May 21st to call for two initiatives of HWPL for achieving world peace practically (Implementation of International Convention for cessation of war and World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Meeting for resolving the religious conflicts accounting about 80% of war and conflicts in the world). More information is to be updated on the facebook page:

As an International Peace organization registered under the UN DPI and umbrella organization of IPYG, HWPL has made practical peace movements in the world. Especially, chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL is visiting to the Philippines during his 24th peace tour. On January 24th and 25th Chairman Lee of HWPL participated in the unveiling ceremony of the Declaration of World Peace Monument. And designated Cotabato City State Polytechnic College as the first HWPL Peace Academy in the Philippines. Though Mindanao in the Philippines was the hot spot that shed lives of 120,000 people due to religious conflicts between Islam and Catholic for the past 40 years, the chairman Lee meditated the signing of a peace agreement between representatives of both religions’ leaders. Only after 2 years, the signing has made good examples for resolving conflicts like erecting HWPL Peace Monument in conflict zone, Decommissioning of MILF and so on.