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Studying process terminated at schools due to flu and heavy snow

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Thursday, January 28
Studies have been suspended in 385 public schools all over Georgia.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science Lia Gigauri explained that class had been suspended due to recommendations of the National Center of Disease Control.

“We decided to suspend class for schools across the country to prevent the spread of different flu viruses. Over 20 % of students were absent due to illness.

“We keep monitoring the process and more schools will be added to the list at need. When there are more than 20 % students absent, keeping schools open is senseless,” stated Gigauri.

According to her, currently classes are on hold in 195 public schools.

In addition, over 200 schools have been closed due to weather conditions.

“Due to heavy snow, we suspended classes in almost 200 schools. However, four of them have since reopened,” stated Gigauri.

According to Gigauri, studies will be suspended for three days.

“At the moment we decided to stop the process only for three days, but as I already mentioned we are still monitoring the situation and at need, more days will be added. Also, all the lost study hours will be recovered on Saturdays,” stated Gigauri.

She stated that all interested individuals can check for information on the Ministry of Education’s web page-