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Friday, January 29
Studies currently suspended at 267 public schools

Studies have been suspended in 267 schools throughout Georgia, the Ministry of Education reports. As IPN has been informed, the Ministry is considering further cancellation of classes to prevent further spreading of the flu virus.

According to the Ministry, 267 schools remain closed in Georgia. Missed school hours will be held on Saturdays in the future.

‘The Education Ministry will continue to take the Disease Control Center’s recommendations into account and use preventive measures in order to prevent the virus from spreading,’ the ministry reports. (IPN)

PM Kvirikashvili: Georgia’s domestic violence problem must be urgently addressed

Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili believes the domestic violence problem in Georgia needs to be urgently addressed.

Today he said that domestic violence was a "huge problem” and everyone - including state agencies - needed to be more responsible and work together to stamp out domestic violence in Georgia.

His statement came after a meeting at the Government of Georgia Administration building in Tbilisi, where the government’s ministers sat down with the PM and discussed this year’s priorities of the Ministry of Justice.

“Domestic violence is an issue of general concern that will require a complex solution. It is a huge problem that should be settled immediately,” said PM Kvirikashvili.

Reform of the justice system, accessibility to public services, moving to an electronic governance system and land registration procedures were also named among the Ministry’s priorities.

PM Kvirikashvili said each ministry should carry out reforms that would bring tangible results for the public.

Yesterday, Kvirikashvili said all ministers would jointly discuss each ministry’s priority areas to reveal the projects most necessary for the population.

The PM stressed that parliamentary groups and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) were also involved in this process, as it was important for officials to know about the needs of society.

Kvirikashvili said a meeting would be held in one month’s time wherein the top projects of all the ministries would be announced. (

GFF President presents Gia Geguchadze as national team coach

The President of Georgia’s Football Federation, Levan Kobiashvili, has officially presented Gia Geguchadze as the main coach of the national football team.

According to Kobiashvili, he believes the new coach will achieve good results with the U-21 team.

‘I would like to wish success and thank Gia as he accepted our proposal. I would also like to thank Dinamo Tbilisi. I am sure that we will have good results. Gia is very experienced and he will find many talented footballers for our team,’ he said.

Kobiashvili said he has not met former coach Kakha Tskhadadze yet. (IPN)

Lost or stolen Gudiashvili painting

Gudiashvili`s missing painting "Woman with a Dove" was dedicated by the painter to Nato Vachnadze and given as a gift to her. The painting was kept over the years in Vachnadze`s Museum in Gurjaani, but lately it is not to be seen among the museum’s exhibits.

The Museum rules out the chance of Gudiashvili’s being stolen. The manager, who was then the director of the museum, says that picture was taken away a few years ago, but who took it away and where it was taken to, Roza Aptsiauri does not know.

The Shengelia family do not have any information about this particular piece of work. The descendants of the actress confirmed that Gudiashvili’s painting has been lost for three years.

Giorgi Shengelia appealed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ investigation department regarding the lost masterpiece of Gudiashvili. (Rustavi 2)