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People die during construction work

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, February 10
An accident happened in Batumi during construction work of the Port Batumi Tower.

As reported, a middle-aged man fell from a considerable height. He was hospitalized but died due to severe injuries within an hour.

The incident occurred yesterday evening. The causes are unknown, and an investigation has already been launched into the issue.

Regrettably, such incidents are hardly infrequent in Georgia.

There are various companies and private investors working in construction, but in many cases do not uphold health and safety standards.

The skills and professionalism of employees are often not tested.

If a businessman comes from a certain region, he generally hires his neighbors or relatives for construction projects; as unemployment remains a serious problem in Georgia, people generally accept such offers.

As they lack experience and qualifications, fatal incidents are relatively common, but a need for money pushes people into working without concern over health and safety issues.

There is a serious need for the Government to discuss the problem in depth, as it concerns the lives of Georgian citizens.

Herewith, the quality of the constructions should also be examined, as a building constructed by unprofessional workers always raises question marks over its safety and longevity.