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Ski resorts and security measures

By Messenger Staff
Friday, February 12
Administrative fines will be imposed on people who do not observe security measures at ski resorts.

Changes to the ‘Administrative Violations Code’ have been prepared by the government and presented to Parliament. The author of the project is the Ministry of Economics and Sustainable Development.

Violating the rules while using a snowmobile or a motor sleigh on ski slopes inside the administrative borders of a municipality will lead to a warning or a fine of 100 GEL. If the same violation is committed again, it will lead to 200 GEL fine.

Driving a snowmobile or a motor sleigh while drunk and/or under the influence of drugs and/or psychotropic medicines, as well as avoiding the test to establish the aforementioned conditions, will lead to the banning of the individual from using the ski slopes for one day or fining him by 100 GEL. Repeat violations will lead to a 200 GEL fine.

The liability also falls upon any individual who uses ski slopes or ski tracks with any other means other than motor sleighs or snowmobiles, under the influence of drugs or alcohol and/or avoiding the test to establish the level of intoxication. This will lead to a 100 GEL fine; if the violation is repeated, the fine will be doubled.

The necessity of changes came after several fatal cases in Georgia ski resorts which claimed several lives, a minor among them.

The amendments are most welcome. However, the relevant bodies should timely reveal dangerous areas and address the problem immediately.

The government should show more interest in the working conditions of workers on construction sites, miners and similar hazardous fields to prevent fatalities.