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Iran’s Ambassador: Visa-free travel will have positive effect

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, February 16
The Ambassador of Iran to Georgia, Abbas Talebi-far, said that cancelling the visa regime between the two nations will have a positive effect on the people of both countries.

“Economic relationships develop only when there is free travel between people. From now on, Iran and Georgia have the potential to increase trade flow. In addition, it will encourage tourism development as well,” he state.

The visa free regime was launched between Iran and Georgia on February 15, 2016.

According to the decision of the Foreign Ministry of Georgia, citizens of Iran’s Islamic Republic will be allowed to stay in Georgia without a visa for 45 days after crossing the border.

The United States (US) Ambassador to Georgia, Ian Kelly, said that the Government of Georgia sees needs in both balancing its security issues and attracting money from tourism.

He evaluated the launch of the visa free regime between two countries as Georgia’s sovereign decision.

“Now Iranian people should see the progress achieved by Georgia. Georgia on its own takes important steps,” stated Kelly.

The first time an agreement over a visa free regime between Georgia and Iran was made in November 2010, and the decision came to force in January 2011. However, on July 2 2013, Georgia cancelled its visa free regime with Iran due to security issues and for Georgian migration law to be in line with European demands.