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Opposition MP offers ‘rules of the game’ in election period

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, February 17
A member of the Free Democrats (FD) parliamentary opposition, Victor Dolidze, will produce a draft law for the pre-election period entitled ‘Rules of the Game’.

He said such an initiative would support a calm and European style pre-election period.

According to Dolidze, he has already prepared a document, which is something like a code of ethics, and is based on the fact that political parties should be focused on their own programmes.

“I decided to create something like this, because pre-election periods are usually very tense. It will be more welcome and beneficial if everyone is focused on their own business and programmes during the elections.

“This document will urge political parties to forget about hateful language or trying to abuse each other and so on. If so, less administrative resources will also be used,” stated Dolidze.

According to Dolidze, he will soon leave for Brussels, where he will take part in the Euro Nest Parliamentary Assembly Bureau meeting.

“I will consult with the European colleagues regarding the document, and after returning will present finished document to the political parties,” stated Dolidze.

"The President of Georgia has welcomed the proposal of my political agreement. We are ready to begin a discussion of the document as soon as possible and agree on the rules of the game. These documents will improve the political situation in our country,” stresed Dolidze.

He said that such documents have never been developed in Georgia and so it will be the first of its kind. Dolidze noted that he hoped many political parties would support the idea of his political agreement.