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Friday, February 19
“Command and Military Education”: sharing German military experience

A three-day workshop - Command and Military Education - is ongoing under the leadership of German experts. The annual workshop is being conducted within the framework of cooperation between the ministries of defence of Georgia and Germany.

As part of the seminar, German experts are sharing their own country`s experience with military and civil representatives of the MoD in the following areas: the rights and obligations of the military, military law and discipline, integration of the military with society, the role of the Military Ombudsman in the German Bundestag, and the Military Chaplain Institute. Issues of gender equality and human resources management were also discussed.

The workshop opened on February 16 and finished on February 18. A total of 35 representatives of the MoD are attending the course.

After finishing the course, the workshop participants will receive certificates from the German experts. (

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and Georgian Football Federation sign Memorandum of Cooperation

Giorgi Mgebrishvili, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia and Levan Kobiashvili, the President of Georgian Football Federation, signed a Memorandum of Mutual Cooperation. The Memorandum is aimed at the prevention, detection and elimination of crimes within football, and the popularization of a healthy lifestyle through deepening the cooperation between the two parties.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Georgian Football Federation will share experience to each other and develop relevant recommendation and proposals for prevention of crimes in the field of football. The parties will also cooperate in the direction of revealing and preventing different crimes related to football teams’ illegal deals and matches.

At need, the agencies will jointly discuss and develop drafts of standard acts and other documents related to football. Joint training, courses and events for raising awareness of their activities amongst the population will be scheduled within the frames of the Memorandum. (

First Deputy Minister of Agriculture met with Yuval Fuchs, Israeli Ambassador to Georgia

Nodar Kereselidze, the First Deputy Minister of Agriculture, held a meeting with the Israeli Ambassador to Georgia, Yuval Fuchs, and Rafael Harpaz, Director of the Eurasian Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Israel. The sides have been focused on bilateral agricultural cooperation. Nodar Kereselidze drew his attention to the main directions of the rural-agricultural development strategy and highlighted projects implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia.

The First Deputy Minister of Agriculture stressed the importance of donor organizations to provide financial support in the agriculture sector and thanked the Israeli Ambassador for strong and stable partnership. The activities of the Agricultural Scientific Research Center, Information Consultation Service and Extension Service Centers to optimally activate and enhance-has been stressed at the meeting.

Mr. Fuchs underlined consistent agricultural policy developed by the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia and expressed his desire for deepening bilateral relations between Israel and Georgia. (Ministry of Agriculture)

Minister of Corrections and Probation does not rule out abolishment of the ministry

Kakha Kakhishvili, the Minister of Corrections and Probation of Georgia, does not rule out the possibility of the Ministry’s abolishment. According to him, this may come to pass after this year's parliamentary elections.

As for other agencies, Kakhishvili says there also can be a need of their abolishment.

‘From the very beginning I thought it should have been abolished in order for the field to be allowed to be developed. From my point of view, we are at a level when we can plan structural changes after the parliamentary elections,’ he said.

Rustavi 2 released Kakhishvili’s comments.

As head of Georgia’s National Bank Giorgi Kadagidze has declared, the number of ministries should be reduced in Georgia. He made this statement on a Rustavi 2 while commenting on a bureaucratic reserves issue.

According to him, Georgia is governed by 19 ministries and another series of other administrative structures, while Switzerland - one of the most developed countries in the world - is governed by only eight ministries. (